FL Studio 20 Editions

FL Studio was initially referred to as FruityLoops when it debuted in 1998 and has since matured into a digital audio workstation (DAW) that is really powerful. FL Studio is in four versions.

• Fruity

This version is meant for in-the-box music production. It doesn’t have the ability to manipulate or record audio clips. It also doesn’t have perfect selection of effect and synths plug-ins, though as well as the step sequencer, automation support, the event editor, and the piano roll.

• Producer

This version adds the ability to effectively record with microphones and also pitch or edit audio clips, and the Sytrus Synth as well.

• Signature

This version adds a NewTone pitch correction as well as a time editor, the slick Harmless additive, full version of the DirectWave sampler, and subtractive synth, a few additional drum and guitar plug-ins, and a video player.

• The All Plugins Bundle

This version brings in a number of extra-cost Image-line synths was Morphine, Poison, and the physical modeling-based Sakura for a unique string-instrument sound.

You will get free lifetime updates regardless of the version you choose to use, and that is inclusive of full number versions and updates.

This program is a download of 693 mb and it will only take up about 1.6 GB of your space when you install it.

You will also get a version of ASIO4ALL which is meant to give you a low latency audio recording and allow you to playback when you don’t have a proper external interface.

The new program has also tweaked and revamped the plugins to bring them in-line with any other changes. Plugins like Edison, Sytrus, Ogun, Harmless, Gross Beat, Maximus, Harmor, Slicex, and Vocodex are in the alpha stage of development.

The available ones in OS and VST or the Audio Unit format include Drumaxx, Toxic BioHazard, Poizone, Hardcore, Sakura, Groove Machine, Sawer, and Morphine.

This version comes with a ton of minor changes and fixes but one of the major improvements is the rebuilt Plugin Delay Compensation engine. Which was part of the of the ways FL Studio made sure that it is a better traditional studio setting when using microphones to record acoustic sources.

These new versions display audio information in real times and get updates across wet/dry FX, mixer sends, and audio inputs. It is much better than FL Studio 12 when used as a formal audio recording when you pair it with external recording hardware.

If you would like to try out the software first before purchase there is a free trial download available to install. The trial version is offered for one to try out and test all the features and plugins.

The trial version has almost all the features for both the PC and Mac versions for to use. This demo version is worth the trail and it is more than the basic fruit version one can purchase at first. Trial limitations can however lead you to purchase the software.

Download the software on Image-Line site for your computer. It works on most operating systems, but the system requirements for Windows are versions 7, 8 and 10 or any later version. For Mac Os it is the 10.11 or later operating system.


Using the FL Studio versions, you will be able to produce exceptional work. It comes with a preloaded demo to illustrate how awesome the sound will be. To be sure just what you want, make sure to get the demo.