What Is New in FL Studio 20

Since the first Fruity Loops in the late 90s, FL Studio 20 has marked their 20-year anniversary. The new FL Studio brings a new touch to the table and is already proving to be much better than other DAWs.

What’s New in FL Studio 20?

Landmark Mac Compatibility

FL Studio was built for Windows originally, like many other DAWs, and Mac compatibility has been lagging behind with every new version and they have finally made it possible.

Has No More Emulators

This means that you no longer need any more emulations or wrappers for the major plugins and you will not experience any cross-compatibility issues with your project files. FL Studio becoming Mac compatible has been able to tap in new base of new users, seeing that Mac is the most common choice for budding and existing producers.

It comes with a license for both Mac and PC and projects that are cross-compatible. This will prove to be a perfect feature for people who love to travel with their MacBook and also for those who have a Windows desktop. This means that on either world, you can still be able to produce music.

Advanced Time Signature Support

With the professional audio recording outfits like Ableton and Pro Tools, this version is now offering music producers the chance to create different signatures throughout the arrangement.

At any point along your timeline, you will be able to change time signature. Djent producers will love this, but EDM producers might find it limiting.

Behind the Scenes Workflow Improvements

FL Studio 20This version comes with a ton of minor changes and fixes but one of the major improvements is the rebuilt Plugin Delay Compensation engine, which was part of the of the ways FL Studio made sure that it is a better traditional studio setting when using microphones to record acoustic sources.

This new version displays audio information in real times and get updates across wet/dry FX, mixer sends, and audio inputs. It is much better than FL Studio 12 when used as a formal audio recording when you pair it with external recording hardware.

Rendering on the Fly

With this version, it will be very easy to bounce clips to audio. Sometimes while we are doing a project, the CPU gets to a point where it can’t cope and he process stops running smoothly. This version offers you an easy and quick method to bounce or freeze clips which is very useful.

This means that with FL Studio 20 you will be able to consolidate any track to an audio, free up all of the instruments and inserts you were creating before. With this version you will be able to render clips to an audio in-situ and still be able o choose whether to bounce a playlist lip selection or a complete track.

Revamped Plugins

They have tweaked and revamped the plugins to bring them in-line with any other changes. Plugins like Edison, Sytrus, Ogun, Harmless, Gross Beat, Maximus, Harmor, Slicex, and Vocodex are in the alpha stage of development.
The available ones in OS and VST or the Audio Unit format include Drumaxx, Toxic BioHazard, Poizone, Hardcore, Sakura, Groove Machine, Sawer, and Morphine.


Experienced users will find the FL Studio 20 easy to use, as for the new users, you will notice that getting used to it will not be so difficult.