Albums by F5 The Band

F5 is a heavy metal rock band. It features Dave Ellefson an ex Megadeth bassist and Jimmy DeGrasso an ex Megadeth drummer. The band was started in 2003. David worked with Dale Steele who was a singer at a band he was producing demos for in Minnesota.

He was also working with Steve Conley who was a guitarist in a group called Lifted together with Dave Small a drummer. In 2003, Dave Small invited him to jam, and there was chemistry there and they wrote a dozen songs together, Steve as well. They sent them to Dale in Minneapolis and he sang on them, sent the songs back, and they sounded incredible.

Dale moved to Phoenix and they continued to write on songs together. They then decided to bring in a new guitar player, John Davis, and F5 Band was formed within 3-4 months. They began sending their music out to recording companies and the first company to come on board was JVC in Japan.

In 2004 they went into the studio to record their album with Steve Smith and Ryan Greene. They completed the sessions by July and they played a few concerts in California and Arizona and the response was incredible. They released a “A Drug for all Seasons” in 2005.

A Drug for all Seasons Albums

A Drug for all Seasons AlbumsThis album is hardly a metal album and more of a hard-alternative rock album. The drug’s ingredients include Pantera, Alice in Chains, Chevelle, 90s Metallica, and some Guns and Roses throw in. When mixed together, you get the “A Drug for all Seasons”.

The album is entertaining and its also relatable. You can hear from the album that Ellefson was in charge. There was a downside to that because he is a bassist. The album would have sounded much better if he was absent in some of the songs.

However, Dale Steele saved the album with his vocals. He sounds so good; his voice is audible and clear and he uses the pitch perfectly. He also does the harmonies so well. The album also the guitars decently put on top.

The Reckoning Album

This album is filled with tight writing and strong songs. The guitars and the bass rolls are flashy and they didn’t over do them, the breakdowns were also very crunchy. the beat is head-bangable, complex yet easy at the same time.

The rhythm of the songs is complimented by the simple bassline-style chord progressions from the guitars. Steele manages to be remain above the yelling and remains in tune. Most of the songs have easy transitions from melodic choruses and syncopated open chords into quick solo breaks.

Davis and Conley change leads between synchronized playing, they then take short breaks into spoken word, and they finish with a chorus. The song, reckoning is a really done metal song and it is also straightforward.

Every song on this album is heavy and head-banging. All the eleven songs start to blend together. The songs have a very familiar style, sound, and structure. However, most of the songs sounds all too familiar, they are more executed than invented.

Biography of F5 The Band

When people hear metal rock, they tend to assume that its just rock music. Well, it is a genre of rock music and has been around since the late 1960s. Metal rock has roots in psychedelic rock, blues rock, acid rock, and garage rock.

Metal rock bands like F5 have mastered the art of making massive, thick sound. They have characterized their music with extended guitar solos, highly amplified distortion, overall loudness, and emphatic beats.

If you have been to a metal concert before or just watched their concerts on TV, then you know they can be associated with machismo and aggression.

Who is F5 The Band?

F5 is one of the metal bands existing. They are based out of Phoenix, Arizona. The band is made up by David Ellefson who also happens to be a bassist for Megadeth, and Jimmy DeGrasso who is was also a drummer in Magadeth but isn’t anymore.

F5 The BandDavid Ellefson had been in Megadeth, a multi-platinum thrash metal band, up until 2002. He moved from the band with a lot of artist development and music production. Then met Dale Steele, who is part of F5, while he was producing a project in Minneapolis for a band named Numb.

Then David met a band called Lifted while he was also producing something for them and that’s where he met their current guitar player Steve Conley and Dave Small the drummer. And that is how he met the members of F5 band. The rest of the band mates also had their previous bands parting ways or just disbanding.

That is how David Ellefson, Dave Small, and Steve Conley got together, in 2003, and began writing songs together. According to David, the chemistry was flawless and the vibe was great and that’s how they moved down to Phoenix. Shortly after, they brought in John Davis as their second guitarist and F5 become a new band.

Compared to Megadeth, F5 have a fresh new sound. Even if their songs originate with guitar riffs, they always end up being finished with vocals and melody.

Old school rock fans and traditional metal fans will appreciate F5 because the players in the band have depth. David Ellefson, Dale Steel, and Steve Conley are the primary writers of the F5 songs so there is a personal touch there.

F5 The Band membersDale Steel has a unique way of bringing out his sound and identity in the F5 albums. When he opens up his throat, he really sings. With most metal rock songs, it is difficult to hear the words of the song. But with F5, Dale pronounces the words and one can actually hear what he is singing.

Dale has a unique sound and stands out from the rest of the band. The thing about Dale is that he is a very prolific writer and combines the lyrics with his wit and human. He also has a unique rock and roll character that makes him even cooler. A vocalist should carry the band and Dale does that so well.

Dale carries melody that is powerful and solid from its gut. F5 means the Force of the five according to the band members. They believe that because it’s the force as well as the power of the five band mates playing together.

A Drug of All Seasons was one of the metal head’s favorite of the F5. The title was meant to illustrate how everyone is always looking for something that will make them feel good.

Whether its religion, drugs, gambling, money, sex, or even going to the beach. People are always looking for different ways to derive pleasure. Music is one of them and it is timeless.

The band was formed by Dave Ellefson who plays the bass guitar. From 2003-present, the members currently in F5 include Dale Steele who is the vocalist, Steve Conley and John Davis on the guitars.

Jimmy DeGrasso was on the drums from 2007 to 2010. Dave Smalls also played the drums for the band till 2007.

The Reckoning Album

After A Drug for All Seasons album, they released the Reckoning album in 2008. The album was an epitome of tight and strong songwriting. The album has crunchy breakdowns, the guitars and the base rolls are flashy but not overdone.

The rhythm of the album is complimented by the simple baseline-style chord progression of the guitars. Steele remains above all the songs and in tune even though he yells gruffly. The album is well done and it is straightforward.

All the songs in the album are heavy and pretty head-banging and they easily blend in together. The style, the sound, and structure of the songs make them very similar, in all the eleven songs, so it is eleven times over. The rhythm in the songs is emphatic and they have added deliberate stresses.

The album has a great mix of songs that provide variety which makes the album very enjoyable. F5 band members always know what they are doing and they do it so well, both instrumentally and vocally. The songs in this album have a certain simplicity, not too frilly or flashy.

By the time they were producing this album, Small has left in 2007 so Jimmy DeGrasso was on the drums. The producer for this album was Ryan Green. From the album, the song The Reckoning has a video.

Back in 2010, Dave Ellefson had gone back to Megadeth and in 2009 Jimmy DeGrasso had also returned to the Alice Cooper’s Band which left the future of the F5 shaky and unknown. Steve Conley also joined Flotsam and Jetsam on May 2013.

Bands are more of a culmination of the writers, players, performers, and personalities involved and the F5 Band have capitalized on this by capturing all these elements.

Metal rock, like every other genre, has its faithful followers and those who are metal heads will notice a fresh sound in F5.



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